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Over the last 19 years we have worked tirelessly to become recognised as Wiltshire’s Leading Pain Relief Chiropractic Centre by employing a team of highly qualified registered chiropractors and pain relief practitioners who all continue to stay abreast of the latest chiropractic techniques in order to ensure that we deliver the very best patient care day in day out.

We are different and we are proud of the things that make us stand out from the rest.

Unlike many other chiropractic clinics our approach avoids focusing on “quick fixes”. We alleviate short-term pain by concentrating on the causes of pain and discomfort and by helping you improve your overall health and well-being for the long term. This approach, along with our unswerving commitment to delivering first class patient care, has ensured that many of our patients remain with us on maintenance programmes year after year and referrals / recommendations from satisfied patients continue to be our biggest source of new patients.

We are experts in treating chronic conditions through chiropractic treatment such as back, neck & shoulder pain, arthritis, sciatica, carpel tunnel syndrome and fibromyalgia. Our clients however range from children, expectant mums and adults of all ages to international sportsmen & women with a multitude of different ailments and rehabilitation needs that we treat using a range of traditional chiropractic techniques, massage, electromagnetic pulse therapies and rehabilitation and exercise programmes.

Based in Wroughton near Swindon, Ridgeway Medispa treats literally thousands of patients every year from right across Wiltshire and towns and villages as far apart as Chippenham, Calne, Devizes, Marlborough, Melksham, Pewsey and Wootton Bassett to name but a few.

Whatever your particular problem were always happy to help. Feel free to call us for an initial consultation. Alternatively simply fill in the form below to ask for some free help & advice from one of our UK based chiropractor team.

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